EGLA membership:
European Green Lean Association EGLA, established 2015, was made to support the development of European organizations based on Europen values and goals of Sustainable Development enhanced with Lean Six Sigma and Project Managent tools and processes. EGLA is an independent, non-profit membership organization.

EGLA operates to maintain, educate and control the quality of the Green Lean model, that was developed in Northern Europe 2012 by a group of development consultants with long background in organizational development. EGLA is the certification body for the EGLA certifications.


EGLA members have access to intranet, where one can find the latest training materials, e-training and development tools. EGLA membership fee is an investment on the latest methodologies of Lean Six Sigma based development and training with sustainability as one core value.


EGLA trained and certified specialists help to develop our member organizations. EGLA Partners offer Green Lean develoment services to other interested parties as well.



 From the national registers for each country you can find the specialists of different levels, that have passed the training and exams and done the necessary project(s) required by EGLA in the certification process.


The certified specialists presented on our pages have given their approval to publish their information on our pages. Since there are Green Specialists, who are not published here due to various reasons, you can confirm any certifigation by send us an email  to


All presented, certified specialist are presented in the order of certification by the level of their certification. All certifications are reviewed and approved by EGLA Certification board.


EGLA certification is based on the ASQ and other international certification models used by international certifications for Lean, Six Sigma, international Project Management and International Coaching.






Green Lean development model and tools is based on modern day requirements to better consider and utilise the Sustainability principles of Economic, Ecological and Social Sustainability in the organizational development including the different stakeholders.


Lean Six Sigma is without the doubt the most used and best known development model in the world. In the traditional form it does not meet the criteria of the modern world anymore. Combining Lean Six Sigma model with Sustainability principles and by adding some of the most useful Project Managemet tools we have built a model, that is match for the requirements of the modern world. That is the foundation for the Green Lean model.


Green Lean enables organizations to develop their processes and functions in an effective and sustainable manner.


Our Sustainability Development services help organizations to answer the needs for the future.